Evo is the source for highly qualified, trained, and experienced Consultants & Operators for your safety and protection, training, and operational needs. We are dedicated professionals and are motivated to provide you with the highest quality of service available.

With a variety of customized professional services we're ready to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

If you're here in search of guidance or answers to ambiguous questions please do not hesitate to contact us, your "gut feeling" shouldn't be ignored.

Intelligence Based Protection & Safety

Our Consultants and Operators understand that Intelligence based operations are the key to any successful operation. Whether you're dealing with employee concerns, physical safety, travel domestic & abroad, are the victim of continued crime, or any other issue let our Consultants assess your situation and show you how an Intelligence based operation can benefit you.

Workplace Violence Prevention

There is a growing concern and reality with Workplace Violence, tragically we are seeing it regularly on the news. Workplace Violence is preventable when you take proper proactive measures. Let us Consult with you and your HR when you have concerns of employees and your workplace safety, together we can identify and prevent this needless violence.

Executive Protection

Whether you're a celebrity, independently wealthy, a corporation looking to protect an asset, or an individual with other protection needs let our well trained and experienced Consultants and Operators provide you with the peace of mind of safety and protection so you may fulfill your daily requirements and desires without unwanted interference.

We understand that your physical safety and protection is just as important as your personal and professional image, our Consultants and Operators can meet your needs from an austere environment to a high class social function.

Challenging & Realistic Training

Evo's WTF (Win the Fight) training and instruction provides cutting edge reality based training by utilizing sound principles, tested and proven tactics and techniques, as well as incorporating environmental design and stress inducement to truly develop operator skills and talents.  Evo's WTF training can be customized to cover pistol, carbine, shotgun, and precision rifle courses, to unarmed combatives, tactical medicine, team and individual tactics, and more. Our Consultants & Operators come from a variety of tactical backgrounds and bring with them real world knowledge and experience.

We don’t believe attending a conference or reading a manual will make any operator tactically proficient, today's operators must train with Evolved practices and standards in order to be best prepared for the challenges that await!

We are also a great starting point for those looking to begin and build upon their shooting, tactical, and self-defense knowledge and experience. We understand that building a proper fundamental base is key to developing advanced skills.

For questions and scheduling contact us and let our Consultants & Operators design a custom course for you today.


Today’s global environment provides many challenges and risks to travelers who remain uninformed and unprepared. We’ve seen tragedy from personal travel as well as professional travel; the reality is that Western travelers are often targeted for financial, professional, and even political gain.

With a thorough Travel Assessment from our Consultants we can identify and distinguish what the perceived and actual risks to your travel are and how to best mitigate them in order to safely facilitate your trip. In some cases we recommend and provide a Pre Arrival Welcome, this allows our Operators to know and identify the various venues and plans of the upcoming travel as well as gain on the ground intelligence that is vital for various levels of contingency planning.

Whether your travel is for personal or professional reasons you owe it to your safety and well being to start any travel plans with an assessment from Evo.